Co-Managed IT

What is Co-Managed IT?

Many small business struggle with the cost-benefit ratio of a full-service managed service provider vs. doing it themselves. As the rise in cybercrime continues to skyrocket, they realize that the “do it yourself” approach isn’t sustainable or wise. Enter Co-Managed IT, where our experts do what they do best, and you (the client) handles much of the the on-site tasks like unboxing and plugging in devices – often under our direction.

Co-Managed IT saves money

By separating the cost of management tools and subscriptions from the “all you can consume” aspect of full-service managed services, you can often save. However, if your users are high-maintenance and require LOTS of support, then an AYCE (all you can eat) model might work – although many MSP’s will discourage the high maintenance of such a support plan.

Co-Managed IT provides faster response for many tickets

Since automation and self-healing aspects are leveraged in most MSP environments, the ability of the client to quickly replace a PC or laptop without waiting for an on-site tech allows for the business to recover faster.

Co-managed IT allows you to help your users better

In a co-managed environment, you often get access to the same tools the MSP uses to support your business. Dashboards and tools for remote access, asset management, software management and more might well be available to you, even if at a limited scope or functionality. Obviously changes made to critical systems need to be limited and/or documented to allow the MSP to effectively continue to co-managed the enterprise.


If you are interested in what Co-Managed IT Managed Services can do for your business, reach out to us for more information.